Cinco de Mayo Celebration

 Do you want to get involved in The Children’s Home Project but just aren’t quite ready to quit your job, pack up and move to Honduras?

Never fear.

An opportunity is right around the corner….

I would like to cordially invite you to our first Cinco de Mayo Celebration!!

(Some of you may be thinking that cordial means courteous and gracious, which it does, but I’m more going for the stimulating and invigorating the heart type invitation.  Who knew that was also a definition of cordial?)

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 5.09.26 AM

Why should you come to this event?

To taste the scrumptiousness of Los Taquitos?

Perhaps to sip on one of the Latin themed beers from Tuscon’s Borderland’s Brewing Company?

Maybe you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo while tapping your foot to the Mariachi band.

Or how about because you want to walk away with two Southwest tickets, a gift basket from Apricot Lane, or a haircut from Savage Salon from the silent auction?

These things will make your Cinco de Mayo weekend festive and well-celebrated.

But there’s more.

You’ll be present for the first showing of the short film about The Children’s Home Project.

I’ll be speaking about the kid’s and the work that we do (after I untie those knots in my stomach).

And the number one reason to come?

To support the work that we’re doing. To introduce your friends, coworkers, neighbours and maybe even your dog sitter to The Children’s Home Project. To whet your appetite to become more involved. To ensure these precious kids that I’m constantly telling stories about continue to receive encouragement, direction, education and hope.

Buy your tickets now!

And don’t forget about your friends, coworker, neighbor and dog sitter.

(For real though, it will make ordering our food much easier.)


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  1. Hmmm…. Don’t think I can make it. Bummer.

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