Mi sobrina

People often talk about how much they dislike it when their worlds collide.  As in they don’t want to hang out with their work friends AND old high school friends at the same time.  Me?  I’ve never understood this. If I love them all, my assumption is that they will also love each other.  And if a person has enriched my life, I’d love for others to have this opportunity as well.

This is why I planned this trip to fall on February 15th.

Why February 15th?

Because of this chica.


Meet Kate.  She is the smartest and most adorable two year old in the world.  I’m very sorry, but I speak the truth.  And she happens to be my niece.

And where was she on February 15th?

IMG_0646With these guys in Proniño.


What could be better than having the boys that I love meet Kate??  I may have printed out pictures of some of the kids in the weeks before the trip for her to get used to seeing their faces before she arrived.  It was a slightly overwhelming experience, but just as magical as I had hoped.


Edgar patiently sat with her and followed her around until she felt comfortable enough to declare to Allison that she’s going to go outside and play with him.  He absolutely ate it up.


Juan Carlos, who left his friend’s house early specifically to be able to meet Kate on this day, also put in some time to win her over.  All it took was a rousing game of catch with some wiffle balls.


This must be printed and framed.

Of course, Rodolfo just showed up and Kate was immediately all smiles and ready to play.  What is it about this kid?


Last year, in the picture above, she took to him in seconds as well.


He arrived this year and it was the same.


If anyone needs proof of Rodolfo’s tender nature, here it is.

It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped with all of them.

IMG_0375This one really was more of a collision than than the joining together of those I love that I had hoped for.  Maybe next year, Man??


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  1. Mom

    How cute is she? reminds me of Mim!

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