Cause and Effect

What happens when you spend more than a decade working out on a regular basis?

You get really buff.

What happens when you own 4 non-fixed cats of mixed gender?

You get lots of kittens.

What happens when you eat a Blow Pop every single morning of your freshman year of high school?

You get thirteen cavities at the same time when you’re in college.

(True story.  Who let me eat a Blow Pop a day???)

Cause and effect.   Experience shows us that with many things in life, we can predict what’s going to happen in the future based on what’s happening today.

So, what happens when a kid lives on the street for more than a decade?

He keeps himself so clean that security guards don’t stop him when he walks into a restaurant,  they have no idea a street kid just passed by.  He takes time to tell the younger kids on the street to take advantage of any opportunity they have to leave.  He saves part of the money he makes washing car windows throughout the week to play a few video games.

Wait just a second, you say.  I thought this was about cause and effect, you say.  How is a kid with more than a decade on the street doing this?

That, my friend, is a good question.  And I have no idea what the answer is.

But I can tell you this:

What happens when a kid has developed a drug addiction on the street, wants to change, has fought hard to have as ‘normal’ a life as possible, but is twenty years old and has no family whatsoever?

He stays on the street.

Unless you have the desire to help him, that is.

Thankfully, an opportunity has been found in a rehab center where all patients pay $150 per month to receive services.  And Miguel seems to be an excellent candidate.  Jilli and Lauren took him for a tour and to meet the Director last week.  After the meeting, the Director gently warned them that street kids are make for difficult cases (ya think?) and that they often leave rather quickly.  But, yes, he has an opportunity.  He entered the center on Thursday.  Jilli talked to the Director on Tuesday and was delighted to hear that the Director was surprised.  He is unlike any other kid from the street that he has known.  He’s working hard, taking this seriously.  And has started teaching all the other patients how to make bracelets.

(This excites me for two reasons.  a) I love that he, a kid from the street, has something to offer those who are also going through this process.  b) Remember how I said that he’s SO SHY?  I can’t believe he’s even spoken to others much less spent the hours with them that it takes to make these intricate bracelets.)

Jilli blogged about Miguel  (and you can read SO MUCH MORE about him) a week ago to raise the funds to cover the remaining amount of rehab.  There’s also a very good chance that he’ll start making some of his snazzy bracelets to be sold to offset the remaining cost.  How would you feel about helping out with what’s left?  Would you be interested in buying a bracelet?  Or would you like to make a one time or monthly donation here towards the remaining $290?  We’re really hoping to turn the tide of cause and effect as soon as possible.

imageMiguel journaling about his goals and what he will do when he feels overwhelmed by all that he’s dealing with.  A journaling teen?  I know, it was difficult for Jilli to explain what this is all about…



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  1. Jenny, your posts are so moving, every single one. I am so glad you are telling these stories and doing what you do. By the way I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. No pressure, of course.

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