“Girls go to college to get more knowledge!” Well let’s start with elementary school.

Primary school for the Princesses!

Sin Queso, Sin Mantequilla

I still may very well be in shock about reaching our Sharing Joy fundraiser goal.  What’s that?  You didn’t know that?  Well let me share some news with you!  Thanks to wonderful, wonderful donors like yourself, The Children’s Home Project exceeded its goal of $20,000 to help support ProNiño this year!  Read all about it here.  Feel free to squeal out of happiness.

Goal reached and we still have about a week left of the fundraiser.  ProNiño has more than $20,000 worth of needs.  So why stop now??  Full speed ahead!

Incase you haven’t met or read about them yet, let me introduce you to some of ProNiño’s newest:


“But those aren’t boys who used to live on the street!”  That’s right! ProNiño isn’t just for the niños anymore!  In March of 2013, a group of girls moved into their new home in Progreso and joined the ProNiño family…

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