Bits and Pieces

This should have been reflagged 3 days ago! Lo siento Julie.

Sin Queso, Sin Mantequilla

Sharing Joy is all about puzzles, right?  Okay, here are three stories.  Piece them together.

1.  Months ago, one of my favorite children was living on the street.  In an effort to take him back to the home that he ran away from, he went to a two-week detox program.  His first few days there were, to put it gently, sucky.  He was stuck in a room, detoxing from drugs, and bored out of his mind.  One day, I brought him a few rolls of yarn.  Two days later, he proudly showed me six bracelets and told me he needed more yarn.  By the end of the two weeks, I had three new bracelets and each of his 15 fellow detoxers had one.

2.  In her blog about chickens, Jenny touched on the importance of self-sustainability in the world of non-profit organizations.  Unfortunately, for the world of children’s homes…

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