Piece(s) of Cake

Mmmm, fried rice and cake!!

Sin Queso, Sin Mantequilla

Last year, while being a pre-k teacher at a bilingual school, I learned a lot of things.  I learned the importance of letting four year olds go to the bathroom multiple times a day.  I learned that sometimes kids need to be reminded 12 times to push in their chairs.  And I learned that positive reinforcement (and stickers) always accomplish more than punishments.

Growing up, I was grounded almost every weekend.  I had computer privileges taken away, I wasn’t allowed to use the house phone (hey, remember land lines?) to spend hours talking to my best friend whom I had just seen at school, and I spent a lot of weekend nights at home.  I’m not saying I didn’t deserve such punishments; I definitely did.  But I also remember having a shift in behavior when events like school dances and birthday parties were approaching.  I would do anything I could…

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