Baby Jesus

Remember how I teased you with a blog post about this child a few weeks ago?


The day has finally arrived!  I have a big announcement!  We at The Children’s Home Project are diversifying the ways in which we raise money to include mining for all sorts of natural resources and we found the perfect little person to do the spelunking.  He prefers to work shirtless.

Just kidding.  (Sometimes I crack myself up.)


This story has much more to do with the gal on the right than with spelunking.

Ok, this story has nothing to do with spelunking.

But before I tell you about the little miner or about that time that Lauren got kicked out of church for distracting all the children, I’m going to to talk about ‘Wrecked’.


The under title says “When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life”.  (What would you call the summary thingie under the title?  I have dubbed it ‘under title’.  Let’s see if it catches on.)  This book is an “invitation to lead a wrecked life – one that is shaken up but transformed by confronting the world’s most difficult challenges.”  Goins starts the book by telling a story about a time that he really wanted a poster at a concert.  (Why, you ask?  Something about spelunking.  JK.  You’ll have to read the book.)  He begged and pleaded with those who had a poster.  Offered to buy the poster.  No takers.  But as he talked to more and more concert-goers, he realized he was getting the same reaction from many.  They would look around and then say “Keep asking around.  I’m sure someone will help you.”

“It seemed like everyone was saying ‘I’m sure someone will do the right thing.  It’s just not me.’  Isn’t this how life is?  We always assume someone else will come to the rescue, but it’s never us.  Surely somebody will have the decency to be the hero, right?  It doesn’t work like that.  Not when everyone assumes someone else will do the right thing.”

He talks about how people seemed conflicted. So many seemed like they wanted to help, but somehow seemed afraid.

“I wanted to say ‘Yes, someone can help.  YOU can!'”

Lauren ‘she who behaves inappropriately in church’ Vincent, started spending time with Baby Jesus (aka The Miner) in Nueva Esperanza.  He has hydrocephalus and it was unclear what could be done for him.  Hour after hour, day after day, he laid in his crib.  Lauren would touch him, talk to him and sing to him.  After a little bit of time, he started responding to what she was doing – saying a few words, singing to himself.

I remember Lauren telling me that she was thinking about ‘doing more’ for him.  That if he had someone to work with him everyday, he would be capable of so much more. Me being my funny self said –  “So, what? You’re going to adopt him?”  (Guffaw, guffaw.)  Lauren – “Well, it’s easier to get a child with a medical condition out of Nueva Esperanza.  I don’t know.  Just been thinking about it.”

Then in September, it happened.  He was having an operation to drain the fluid trapped in his skull.  After this, he could go to a foster home, or back to Nueva Esperanza.

I’m sure someone will do the right thing.

But Lauren, we have a full week and a half planned with the team!

government orphanage or your house

 But Lauren, you really like your freedom.  You will no longer be able to go wherever you want, when you want.

lying in a crib all day every day . . . or your house

But Lauren, you want to go to the States for the holidays.  Don’t you think you should figure that out first?

waiting for someone, anyone else to step up . . . . . . or your house

But . . . but . . . but . . .

Like a car with brakes that have been tampered with, she charged forward.


He didn’t go back to Nueva.

There is a two-fold purpose for this post.

Purpose #1:  Isn’t she amazing?  I mean seriously.  I’m so proud to call her my friend.

Purpose #2:  After reading this, you probably think that Lauren is darn saintly, right?  While this girl has lots of braggable traits, do you have any idea how normal Lauren is?  There have been days that she really, really, really wishes that she could just go do her own thing again.  There are times when she thinks she’s going to go insane if he continues making that darn grunting noise every 15 seconds when he should be sleeping.  Please do not think that she has an exorbitant amount of patience or that she’s SOOOO much more selfless than the next person.   Do you know what puts Lauren a notch or two above the rest?

When this opportunity arose, she didn’t pass the buck.

Do you know how simple this is?  Not easy, but simple.  She has made crazy sacrifices in order to do this, but that is what happens when you take responsibility for something.  When you take a stand and say that you’re not going to hope that someone else will have the courage to do what you are perfectly capable of doing.    There were so many little decisions and adaptations that she had to make, but this whole situation boiled down to “This is a sick child whose future can be salvaged”.  That’s the only truth that mattered.

“I hope you’re not one of those people saying, ‘I’m sure somebody will help you.’  I hope you respond to that voice inside of you prompting you to give more and get less.  I hope you realize that the ‘somebody’ we’re all deferring to is you.”

~Jeff Goins

YOU have all that it takes to make a difference in someone’s life.  All you have to do is say yes.


Lauren has been too darn humble to ask, but I’m assuming that with the addition of a (special needs) child, she should be raising some more funds…  If you would like to help her out a little, check out her website:  Her blog contains more info and progress on Baby Jesus (who is actually nearly four, but name stuck before we realized this.)  Or you can get right to donating by clicking the donate tab on the right.


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  1. Mom

    I pray he can reach a level of functionality that includes walking, communicating, and smiling.

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