The Fifth

Today’s blog subject happens to be this guy.


Cleanest street kid you’ve ever seen, right?

No, silly, that’s not a Honduran child.  That’s my husband!

And that thing on his upper lip was his ‘gift’ to me when I returned from Honduras a few weeks ago.  For future reference,  I prefer flowers.

Why is Sean Michael Kast the topic of my blog today?  Because Friday was our fifth anniversary.  (How many of you audibly said “awwww”?)  So I thought I’d carve aside some space to talk about how much I love and appreciate this handsome devil.  Or, at least, he’s handsome when he DOES NOT have a mustache.

While dating someone you think you may want to marry, it’s important to have lots of conversations about what you think your future will look like.   You compare job aspirations, parenting roles and goals, attitudes towards money and how it should be spent, worthwhile pastimes, the list goes on.    Based on these conversations, you decide whether or not your lives are going in the same direction and if you want to jump aboard this ship.   Know what we did not discuss?

So, let’s say that I find this thing for which I develop a consummate passion.  It’ll take me out of the country for two weeks every two months, and I will do nothing to contribute to the household income for at least the first two years.   

Somehow, this did not come up.

In June, we were eating at our favorite sushi restaurant (I also have him to thank for opening my eyes to the world of Japenese cuisine, spicy food, fish in general, the list goes on) when he asked what I think I would be doing if I didn’t have Honduras.


I’ve never once thought about it.  And the thought that it would be possible that I would be doing something else makes me shiver a little.  (The bad kind of shiver.)  But the reality is that very few spouses would be ok with this lifestyle.  This is not what we had planned on August 9th, 2008.  But Sean has never once questioned or complained about the path that our lives have taken.  A few years ago we both took the Meyers Briggs personality test.  I don’t remember what his specific label is, but I remember the description of his personality being something along the lines of “this person is happy when the people he loves are living a life that they find fulfilling.”  Yep.  That’s my husband.

He is a model of selflessness, trust and encouragement.

Plus, I guess that even with a mustache he’s still at least a little cute.

I do believe that I have hit the jackpot.


Happy five years mi amor!  Now, let’s go camping.



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2 responses to “The Fifth

  1. John Boyd

    I think you two are amazing! There is nothing wrong with a good old fashion mustache but, my 14 year old nephew can grow one better than Sean’s!!

  2. Judith scott

    You certainly have Jennie and you are one of the luckiest smartest women I know!!!!

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