What I said one month ago:

 ” We’ve committed to raising $9,000 to buy a vehicle by July.  This seems daunting.  And tough.”

What I was secretly thinking:

“Oh geez, Jenny, what were you thinking committing to raising this much money in a month?  This is going to be horrendously embarrassing.”

What actually happened:

16 days.  Fully funded.

How I felt:


I am so abundantly thankful for all of you who donated, and donated so quickly.  I know how important these children are and how worthwhile this work is.  Your overwhelming support is encouragement that so many others agree.   I feel like I learn more and more every day that there is absolutely, positively no way that I can do any of this alone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this confirmation!



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2 responses to “Abundance

  1. Leionne McCulley

    God does work in so many amazing ways when we are open to His will and believe! So glad you have experienced this, and that there are many loving people in this world. The more we express love the less hate can grow.

  2. Nancy

    PRAISE GOD! He is faithful and He loves these kids even more than we can imagine!

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