Just three little things

Hey it’s Wednesday!  I need to blog!  Let’s go to my handy list of potential blog topics.  Hmm…   Scarves and Richar.  No.  The fire, part two.  Maybe some other time.  The day one pig did die.  I know of a few people who don’t want to see those pictures.

The problem is that I’m feeling a little distracted.

At this moment, these guys are the main culprits. 20130612_121450(0)

But there’s also this.




(I couldn’t figure out a way to capture our current fundraising effort in a visually intriguing manner, so I photographed my ‘praying in color‘ page…)

Plus there’s these guys:
060 raul023 manuel

IMG_5666But, they’re a distraction I’m getting used to.  I’ll be seeing them in 14 days, and may have started counting down the hours til I see them again, you know, roughly the day I left Honduras.  Give or take a day or two.

Today, I’m distracted by all of the good news, all of the blessings, all of the ‘I can’t believe this is really happening’ moments.  Ergo, I’m scrapping all other ideas to tell you some of the things that are shakin up in here.  Because, seriously, I’m bursting.

(If you’re disappointed that you’re not going to read a gripping story about one of the kids, I suggest you put this on your list of things to read on your lunch break.  Followed by this.   Lucky you will get to read parts one AND two at the same time, instead of waiting five harrowing days for the result like others did.)

Let’s get cracking.

Those two guys in the first picture?  That’s Todd and Chris.  They make films.  That picture was taken this morning…during our meeting…in which we brainstormed … about what this Children’s Home Project video should look like.


I’m going to Hollywood folks!  JK…  I don’t even wear makeup.  That would never happen.

Thanks to a donation from The Logistics Group, spurred by this gem of a guy, Rod Badgley, who has been instrumental in so many of the blessings, 541860_4674574776893_354174528_nTodd and Chris will be following us around with their obscenely large cameras next month. (They’ve told me they’re not that big, but I’m confident that we will be less than conspicuous).  They’ll be meeting and talking to the kids, filming the team, visiting the street, getting to know Honduras and then packaging all this together to enable us to share the heart and vision of The Children’s Home Project in 15 minutes or less.     I just…I mean…I can’t…. Deep breath.  Having a video made by professionals who will artistically and concisely enable me, and others who love these kids, to communicate to the world that these precious children exist and can be helped is on my list of “Dreams that are too large to happen”.  No, I don’t think this is going to be the next Kony 2012.  That would be ridiculous.   Hmm, but maybe I should go watch it again to get ideas….

Second piece of exciting news

That picture of a piece of paper with ‘Internal Revenue Service’ and ‘The Children’s Home Project’ in the same upper left hand corner? 20130612_134025 (Might as well add it here again.) That would be our ‘determination letter’.  Yep, The Children’s Home Project is officially a tax-exempt 501(c)3!!!  The page got a little mangled in the envelope, which I find unfortunate since I would like to frame it.  That’s normal, right?  After months of agonizing (that word may insinuate that it was more dramatic than it was) over the gigantic application that ended up being 53 pages long, the paperwork was submitted on March 28th.  (Moment of transparency: Lawyers actually did a lot, ok most, of the paperwork, but I agonized, ok fretted, every time they called for clarification.)  But the fact that I only did a portion of the paperwork is not the part you should focus on!  I was told that it would most likely take around 8-10 months to be approved.  Best case scenario (and they had only EVER had ONE organization fall into the best case category) would be 90 days.  We were approved in less than 60.  I mean, if the IRS approves of what we’re doing, the sky’s the limit, right???

I think a drum roll for the final piece of exciting news is in order.

Are you doing it?

Come on…

Remember last week’s post about the need for a vehicle to safely transport the oldest Proniño boys?   (Still drumming?) A donor has stepped forward who has agreed to


Anything that you donate will be doubled.  DOUBLED!!  How is that for return on investment?  We are currently at $2,185 which means we are $2,315 away from making this happen:

Day 1 Grandes

We’ll be raising funds until June 30th.  Only 17 days left!

(To donate, click here.  There’s even a special box for donations towards ‘vehicle’.)

And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no  more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.

~Mumford and Sons


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