Hope for Honduras

It started with a poem about love that needed to be memorized, but then turned into a discussion about overcrowded prisons.   This led to a debate about the rights of unconvicted criminals vs the rights of their alleged victims.   Finally, a miniature book on the laws regarding Honduran children was  brought out so I could see what he’s been studying in his free time.

230 adonay y Brayan

This is how I spent an afternoon with Adonay last week.

(He’s the big one in the picture.  But you probably already guessed that, right?)

I once read a statistic that an astoundingly high percentage of children who grow up in orphanages or children’s homes end up living a life consisting primarily of illegal activity.  But as I chatted with Adonay, surrounded by the beauty and peace that is La Montaña in Proniño, I was reminded that this child in front of me is not a statistic.

Honduras is a land of corruption.  There are the written laws and then there is reality, which is often so different from what the law promises that it’s nearly laughable.  As we talked about the rights of a human being in Honduras, I realized that Adonay takes these laws that are ignored or abused quite seriously.  And he plans on fighting for them.

He is the next generation of Honduras.

He is refusing to be discouraged by the impossibility of his goals.

He has hope for his country.

And he is constantly renewing the hope within me.


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