The big transfer

Last week, with a few clicks of a button, I transferred $15,000 from the bank account of The Children’s Home Project to Proniño.  And it kind of washed over me what that meant.  More than 50% of the total needed to educate the boys for the entire year.  I felt so blessed and thankful that I’m a part of this.  Things like this are what I’ve always dreamed of, but thought the dream was too idealistic to be possible.  And I was swept up in gratitude that I’m not in this alone.  Without you, I’d be a girl surrounded by wooden ornaments twiddling her thumbs and wishing there was something, anything she could do.  Instead, I get to share this video with you.

Valentin was one of the boys featured here in December.  He was on the short list of boys eligible and deserving of a shot at private school.  But when I made the last video of him, he didn’t know this.  It would have been better for him not to have known this opportunity was waiting in the wings than for him to be filled with hope only for it to be yanked away if the funding wasn’t there.  Last week, he received the good news.

Being an overly independent only child, it often slips my mind that working towards something as a team is an option.  And then things like this happen and I’m simply in awe.  What a way to start the new year!




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2 responses to “The big transfer

  1. Michelle DeVito

    He is such a cutie!

  2. AWWW!! SO exciting!! Yay for him! I wish Valentin the best of luck!

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