Interview with Brayan

Brayan is a little cutie who is sometimes the sidekick in a budding lip-syncing career of another little Proniño cutie, Wilson, aka Mini Beiber.  (I just made that up, I’ve never heard anyone call him that…)

470 Brayan y Wilson468 Brayan y Wilson461 Brayan y Wilson

These pictures are too cute to just pick one.

In a home bursting with boys who more often than not use their fists to solve problems, Brayan has managed to stay away from the more serious rough and tumble.  Frankly, I’ve always thought it was because he was a step or two behind the others.  The word most commonly spoken to me by Brayan is “Huh?”

384 Brayan

Imagine my surprise when I found out that he was at the top of the list of the boys eligible for private school.  (I hope you’re appreciating my honesty instead of judging me for being mean…)  With such scarce resources available, it is an incredible honor and privilege to be one of the ones to go to private school.  And from an administrative perspective, this is not a decision to be taken lightly.  To be chosen means that you are a child of great discipline, maturity and one in which the adults have much faith.  Not to mention your grades need to be pretty stellar.  Want to know what his overall grade was for the entire 2012 school year?  I’ll let him tell you.

Will you support his and other boys’ education?  The cost of private school (everything including the kitchen sink) is around $1000 a year.  There is a week left of the Ornaments for Education fundraiser and we are now 46% of the way to the goal of $24,000!

To donate, please click here.

Thank you!


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