My name is Jenny Kast and I have my own non-profit

The last three weeks have been an incredible whirlwind.  Kind of like a dream, and I keep being amazed when I realize, once again, that this is actually happening.

When Sean and I moved home from Honduras two years ago I was kicking around the idea of starting a non-profit but

a) I was woefully lacking in the necessary skills to start/run a non-profit (i.e. fundraising, technological know-how, ability to do my own taxes much less an organizations, public speaking, vision casting, I could go on)

b) It was such a hard transition back to living in the States that I was having a hard time stringing full sentences together.

c) All I really had was a whole lot of love for the kids and thought that no one in their right mind would support an organization based solely on that.

But two years have passed.  I’ve learned a lot. I have some passionate people behind me.  And in July, I revisited this crazy idea, and it no longer scared me.  What I’m doing has always been quite confusing….  I talk about being ‘The Children’s Home Project’ and serve Proniño and Nueva Esperanza and when you come on a trip with me or donate money, you do it through Heart to Honduras.  It’s always been hard to explain my relationship to the homes as well as Heart to Honduras’.  And in July, I started dreaming about helping other homes/kids.

Like The Scarlet Project, that is helping this little angel.

And I felt that there needed to be some sort of simplification that happens.

Fast forward to three weeks ago.  A friend of a friend put a friend, named Rod, who is passionate about Honduras, in contact with me.  Rod read this blog, loved the heart for the kids (turns out #3 wasn’t actually a reason to not start a non-profit after all) and wanted to help ‘my organization’.  I sent him back an email saying that I don’t actually have my own organization, but I’ve been thinking about it, and I’d love to receive a bit of mentoring from him so one day I could actually accomplish this.

That was on Thursday.

By Tuesday I had an office, a person to do my bookkeeping, a meeting with a lawyer to draw up the paperwork, more I.T. support than I know what to do with, and a person who believes in this so much that he looked at my proposed budget and said that he is excited to do some fundraising.  WHAT???

I left the meeting with my head spinning.  I kept saying to myself, “I am Jenny Kast and I might have a non-profit.”  But then I would think, ” Did that just happen?  Am I really doing this?  Am I going to be the Director of a non-profit? Is this really happening to ME?”


The Board of Directors has been formed.

The paperwork has been filed.

The tax i.d. number has been recorded.

The logo is being designed.

My name is Jenny Kast, and I am officially the Director and Founder of a non-profit called The Children’s Home Project.

Oh my.



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4 responses to “My name is Jenny Kast and I have my own non-profit

  1. jess

    Yay!!! That’s amazing! What do you need help with? I’m totally interested in helping however I can 🙂

  2. Jen Behary

    What? This is AWESOME!!!!! I am so happy for you, Jenny!!!!

  3. Jenny this is SO amazing!! I love, love your stories here and can think of no better person to have a nonprofit! You are a Woman of Valor!

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