The Sister Act

After packing up our house like a mad woman, moving in 100+ heat (with enough helpers that we got it done in an hour and a half!) and then taking very long naps instead of doing productive things for the next three day, I’m back on the blogging wagon!  

Kyree and Kayleigh Corbett were part of my May Proniño trip.  I’ve talked many times about teams and about why you should join one or start one, but I thought maybe you should hear it from someone else!   When these two got back to Wyoming (no they don’t own horses, nor do they wrangle cattle) they interviewed each other about what they saw, experienced and learned.  Here’s what they had to say:  


Q: What have you seen change in your life because of the boys at ProNino?

When I travel to Honduras each year I feel it is sort of a soul shifter, heart centering, reality slapping type of a time. There are often times where I cannot muster the words for the trip when I return, which makes writing a synopsis of my trip so difficult. I thirst for Honduras. Sure anytime you go to a third world country it will have some type of effect on your lifestyle. Aside from it putting earthly

Giving Bryancito a little love.

things (clothing, toys, housing) into perspective. Realizing those are things that are not eternal and watching God move in the boys lives for the things that are eternal. God is using this as a teaching time as they have been stripped away from all that they know (family, belongings, a home) and they have nothing to cling to. ProNino fosters such an environment to be able to go in and be the hands and feet of Jesus with them that they so deeply need. It reminds me as my hands and feet are not always in Honduras with the boys that I get to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever I may be, though the dust of Honduras can never be wiped off my hands and feet.

Q:  What has made Honduras have a special place in your heart?

There are so many opportunities in this world to go share love. Honduras has burrowed its way into my heart because when I leave I know I have a life line to those children when I am away.

Zuniga leading the boys in some rainy day games.

With Jenny and the workers I am confident that they are adequately taken care of and know Jenny can relay messages to them with her frequent trips and keep me informed. The team that works with ProNino is vested and you can see the consistency in those who continue to come back to ProNino. Each time I go it is not a once in a life time opportunity. It is something that I intentionally intend on returning to, it is a lifestyle. It is not some remote village I will never visit again or will have extreme financial hardships achieving. It is feasible and doable and provides hope not just on one side, but for both me and the boys at ProNino.


Q: Did tutoring the boys at ProNino open your eyes to the Honduran culture?

A: Yes! The willingness and want to learn was incredible. When I showed up on the campus of ProNino and was asked to tutor some boys in English I thought, ok, just because I am going to school for Education doesn’t mean I can tutor English speaking children let alone these boys speaking Spanish! To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing most of the time but the boys made it far too

Rigo – The grumpy student turned English enthusiast

easy. Rigo was not excited about getting tutored in English, doing school for one more hour a day, I don’t blame him. The fourth day of tutoring, after a hour had gone by he didn’t want class to be over. So as I cleaned up the room, Rigo took a paper-back book written in English and wrote every word in his notebook. He then would recite the English words. Rigo didn’t know the meaning of what he was writing, but he had an eagerness to learn.

Q: How did God affirm in you that your month in Honduras had a purpose?

A: Hmm, this is tough. There was a point in the trip, my breaking point, where I thought maybe I wasn’t making a difference, maybe I was wasting my time, maybe I would have made a bigger impact by just sending money. That was Satan talking. Our loving God showed me that sending money to ProNino wouldn’t have given the boys a hug every day nor would it have shown them His love. After three weeks as I left those precious boys, I couldn’t see life changing differences in the boys, I couldn’t visually see where God’s work had taken place, but somehow I know changes DID happen and God’s work HAD taken place. I know this because I had to stop trying so hard to make a difference, stop being Kyree and let God take over, let the boys not see me but see God. So maybe playing Justin Bieber 25 times a day wasn’t showing the boys at ProNino God, but it did show them a crazy gringo loved them enough to sing and dance to the same song over and over again…and that wasn’t Kyree, that was God signing and dancing to “Baby, baby, baby, ooooo.” That was God singing over and over because He wants his sons to see the love He has for them.

(Italics mean that I, Jenny, am writing again…Tricky, right?)  Part #3 of how to get involved.  Come on down and meet these children who have changed my life for yourself!!  As of June 27th, 2012 at 6:33 PM (MST) my schedule is completely open to schedule a team.  And by completely open, I mean that I do have a trip in the works for summer 2013 with high school and college muchachos…  But that’s it!  If you’ve been reading this blog and you feel your heart being tugged on numerous occasions – what’s holding you back?  If you are part of an organization, school, church or think you can rally your neighbors together to go on a trip, then please contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.  I promise you won’t regret it.  I leave you with one more snippet from Kyree:  

I feel like I’m being shamelessly manipulative by using this picture of David. But, come on, don’t you want to meet this child?? Maybe he’ll dig in his 3×3 box for you, too. =)

The last day I spent with the boys, seven year old David dug through his 3ftx3ft box, holding all the possessions that he has, and gave me a picture of himself. David looked through his very few possessions and gave me something. David doesn’t have all the essentials let alone anything to spare, yet he gave me something of his. David wanted to give his two cents, and he did.


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