I thought I would make June a theme month.  This month’s theme is “How you can get involved and help the kids in Honduras in numerous and varied ways.”  I may need to work on shortening my theme titles.  But descriptive is good, right?  So, last week I talked about helping out with the psychologist.  I won’t know til the end of the month when I get my donation report what the final tally is, but I know some people responded.  Thank you!  Moving on to opportunity number two.

About a year ago, I decided that I’d crochet hats for all of the boys in Proniño.   My hands were very angry about this decision.

But it reawakened my love to crochet.  And it was fun to see so many winter hats being worn in the hot, hot Honduran summer.  I finished the hats and discovered that I can no longer watch TV without a project to work on.

And an idea was born!

Drum roll please….. Today, I’m inviting you to attend the grand opening of my very own Etsy shop!  What is Etsy, you ask?  It’s a super awesome website where people sell their crafty things.  Some might call it heavenly.  I’ve opened a shop called To Be Known that has a variety of crocheted items for sale as well as some bracelets the boys made.  All of the proceeds will go towards things like birthday gifts, hair gel, special meals, etc.  Here are a few samples of what’s in the store:

There are headbands for youngins.

(click here to check it out)

And for the young at heart

(Click here for this one!)

There are dishcloths for your dishes.  So fun, I know.

I know you’re bursting with excitement to click here.

And finally, bracelets by the boys.


You can check out all of the items as well as the store in general by clicking on this link:


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