The Nature of Scars

“I ask you right here please to agree with me that a scar is never ugly.

That is what the scar makers want us to think.

 But you and I, we must make an agreement to defy them.

We must see all scars as beauty, ok?

This will be our secret.

Because take it from me, a scar does not form on the dying.

A scar means, I survived.”

~From the novel Little Bee

These kids I work with?  They’re survivors.  Their strength astounds me.  It’s incredible to listen to a child explain that the scar on his wrist is from that time his dad attacked him with a machete…then he leads you to the playground and is overcome with giggles while he swings…as you’re still fighting the urge to lay down in the grass and let the frustration and sadness engulf you that someone could do this to a child.  The scars on their bodies, and there are many, show such courage, such tenacity.

But every visible proof of pain carries with it an emotional scar.  It’s evidence of broken relationships, of neglect when they should have been protected, of something traumatic and terrifying.  And these experiences aren’t something they can simply grow out of.  Time does not heal all wounds.  Unless they are addressed, these experiences will affect their ability to cope, their attitude toward life and God, their future relationships and children.

We can’t take back what has been done to them.  But we can help them heal.

Today I’m asking you to get involved.  Proniño has recently hired a psychologist named Jenny.  (Love the name!)  She’ll be doing one-on-one counseling with around 20 of the boys, as well as group therapy with all of the boys, training for the staff and she’d also like to work with the parents because she knows that one day, the kids will leave Proniño and return to their families.  The few times I’ve met her, I’ve been so impressed.  She interacts with the boys with respect and dignity.  The boys speak highly of her.  Oh, and she is investing heavily in Richar!  Definitely an answer to prayer.

Proniño was without a psychologist for some time.  When there is a financial crisis, the budget is cut back to cover only the basic needs and mental health gets the ax.  This is why we’re seeking people who will donate specifically toward the psychologist.  This will ensure that she will be able to continue to consistently work the boys regardless of the ups and downs in the general budget.  Between donations from Holland and donations from readers of this blog (thank you guys!!) much of the yearly cost has already been covered.  We are a mere $700 per year ($60 per month) short.  Please stand up for boy’s recovery by making a one time or monthly donation!  Please contact me with questions or click here to donate.  Make sure to specify “Children’s Home Project – Psychologist”.

These kids are survivors.  But we want them to do more than simply survive.  We want them to be whole and healthy human beings.


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