Things your donation will fund

This post is titled “Things your donation will fund” otherwise known as “An opportunity to tell you a bit more about Proniño and upload a whole bunch of pictures”.

Here’s  a little sampling:

1.  Food


Las madres (the mothers) about to make lots and lots and lots tortillas for lots of boys

2.  Education

Cristian, Juan Carlos, Geovani, Bryan, Carlos and Eduardo in their public school uniforms. Honduras has 'free' public education, but families have to buy uniforms and supplies. Thankfully, Proniño has lots of kids in school... and lot of uniforms to buy.

Bryan Geovani about a week after he came to Proniño. He’s currently studying in the center. If a child is too far behind, he studies in Proniño until he can catch up to his age group. Look how happy he is. =) 



















3.  Art supplies and opportunities

Izaak making a bracelet - Side note about Izaak - In the year and a half that I've known these kids, Izaak has ran away from both Proniño and Nueva Esperanza at least 5 times. But this time, he's been here since July. And now he's interested in things like bracelet making and school. I'm feeling very, very hopeful.

One of Maynor's bracelets

Richar practicing his recorder. Some of the kids are in music, art, literature, yoga and dance classes in the community's cultural center

4.  Vocational training in carpentry, welding or electricity

Juan Carlos, finishing a drawer and sitting on a chair made in the shop.

Kevin doing some welding

Kevin has completed the course in welding and is now in a private school in Progreso studying to be an auto mechanic. (He has fixed my horn a few times. Horns are only slightly less important than brakes in Honduras.) He's VERY proud that he'll know two trades when he leaves the center.

Since I mentioned the horn fixing, I thought I'd add a picture of it. Kevin fixing my horn. Enrique, right before he started lecturing me about how low my fluids were...

Part of the electricity classroom

5.  Employees

Osiris with Juan Carlos and Cristian

Fredy with Carlos, Alvaro and Wilson. Fredy is in charge of all horticulture projects. AND he has a recording studio in his house where he has recorded at least half a dozen songs that the kids have written. Rumor has it there's a cd on the way.

6.  Horticulture

Adonay showing off the cucumbers. The goal of this project is to provide a sustainable way to ensure the kids are getting enough fruits and vegetables. There are also 2 fish ponds and a large chicken coop is in progress.

Darwin, with one of the largest watering cans I've ever seen.


7.  Building upkeep – fun stuff like electricity, plumbing, holes in the roof, etc.

This is Nueva Vida (New Life) where all of the boys live when they first arrive. They're usually there for 3-6 months and then moved to another house based on their age.

This is Los Vencedores (The Overcomers) where the 8-11ish year old kids live.

And this is Amor Y Paz (Love and Peace) where the 11-14 year olds live. (The oldest kids live in 'The Mountain' and it consists of many buildings - which I don't have good pictures of)

Eduardo, Denis, Derik and Maynor cleaning out the water tanks, which also need regular maintenance.

8.  Medical Care – Proniño has a doctor that comes to the center once a week, but takes the kids to the hospital in emergencies.

Wilson after getting a boil removed. He seems happy about it.

Micol recovering from getting 14 stitches in his foot. (Which I accidentally squeezed when I first saw him. He had a shirt draped over his foot. I didn't know!!)


And when your donation is funding these things







Click here to donate to Proniño’s fundraiser!  Michael Swartz is only $1000 away from getting the $5000 matching donation!

I’ve also had some requests for info about the fundraiser in general.  Click here for the fundraiser’s homepage.  The goal is $40,000 and we’re currently at around $17,000 with 44 individual fundraisers.  We’re a little behind….  Or if you want info on Proniño in general you can go to

And finally, if you want to HEAR one of the songs that the kids have recorded, complete with a music video you can click here.  It’s worth the click.  Promise.



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