Lenses are louder than words

Today is the last day of the week of daily posts (which was technically 8 days, but who’s counting?)  The reason today is the last day is because it was the last day of the Proniño fundraiser.  But wait!  They’ve extended it til Thanksgiving Day.  Phew!  I definitely think we need that extra time since we’re only at about 50% of the goal right now.  So, now my week of daily posts is going to be a month of daily posts!  Just kidding.  I honestly don’t think I could do it. I will still be doing a weekly post full of stories and pictures until the end – which is significantly more than usual.  I’m not sure that the fundraiser being extended means the Michael Swartz’s $5000 matching donation will also be extended, so if you were thinking about or planning on donating today – please still do!!  He’s only $800 away from his goal!!!  So, anything you donate will be doubled, which is a pretty sweet return on your investment.  Click here to donate!

Now, on to the actual post.  There once was a girl from Elon University that liked cameras.  She came to Proniño on a school trip and then she became a girl that liked cameras and former street kids.  One day, with much trepidation, she let one of the boys use her fancy camera.  This boy took incredible pictures.  And an idea was born….  She went home and wrote a grant for a photography class and was awarded with 5 SLR cameras to use.

The girl’s name is Kelsey Sullivan and I’m so excited about what she’s doing.

Kelsey and her camera

When she saw the raw talent that Manuel has for photography, she started to wonder what he, and many of the other kids, could do with just a little bit of training and the right equipment.

Manuel with a fancy camera

Her idea is to have a photography class with 20 of the boys where they learn all the basics about cameras, lines…I’m really at a loss here for more descriptive words.   (I should probably also be in her class.)  She’s going to teach them to take good pictures.  Let’s just leave it at that.  And then when they’re done learning, they’re going to go on field trips.  Maybe to the town they were born in. Maybe to see their family.  Maybe to where they were living on the street.  And they’re going to tell a story.  Their story.  Through pictures.  I have goosebumps as I’m typing this.

When she was in Honduras in June she brought the cameras and told the boys a little bit about the project and they had some opportunities to start taking pictures.

Jeffrey Octavio - taken by Manuel


Jose Cruz - taken by Cristian Manzanares


Geovani and Cristian - taken by Juan Carlos


Taken by Chon


Kelsey and her friend, Meagan Harrison, are in Honduras for the next 2 months and have started the classes.  If you’re sad about not having something to read on my blog every day =) then I highly recommend you start reading their blog – http://www.lensesarelouderthanwords.blogspot.com.  It’s already been a fun blog filled with stories about travelling to other parts of Honduras, stories about kids and a story about a horse, which WILL make you cry.  (She’s also a girl that loves horses.)

But here’s the best part.  On December 5th, there will an exhibit/gala of sorts at a country club in San Pedro where the kids, and their art, will be featured.

From surviving on the streets to being the guests of honor at a country club.  The goosebumps are back.

And if anyone has a private jet and wants to escort me to Honduras for a few days so I can see this amazing event in person, let me know.

I’m only slightly joking….


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