Being a madrina

One of my closest friends, the hilarious, compassionate and brilliant Ann Steffen, came with me to Honduras last month.  I love it when my worlds collide.  Especially when it’s two worlds that I love.  So, I had been looking forward to showing her all of my favorite restaurants and introducing her to every single child for many months.  (And I’m pretty sure she remembered roughly 80% of their names.  I’m telling ya – brilliant.)

The only picture we have together from the entire week - taken as she was about to board the plane back to the States

And Ann was excited to meet the kids and see Honduras, but a big motivation for her trip was to be able to meet and spend some quality time with her sponsor child in Proniño – Misael.

Misael and a buddy

 I was a little nervous that this meeting would be a bit awkward.  (Sort of like an arranged marriage – Hello person that’s important to me even though at the same time you’re a complete stranger…)  But Misael was so dang sweet.  He went out of his way to small talk with her.  Made a point of washing his hands before ever touching her camera.  Colored a picture for her.  He even went off on his own at one point and recorded a message for her.  (Ann – I promise to translate it soon…)  And she quickly discovered that the best way to encourage Misael was simply to watch him play with his friends.  Marbles, coloring, goofing off, whatever, he’d casually look over his shoulder to make sure she was still around.

Ready to shoot the marble

The morning before Ann left we got to take Misael and two of his friends to Dunkin Donuts.

Have you ever seen so much hair gel before 7:30AM??

They were so excited and suddenly so shy

After nearly a year of writing letters and sending little gifts it was fun to watch Ann and Misael’s relationship grow that week.

The boys call their sponsors their padrino’s and madrina’s – literally, ‘godparents’.  And having a madrina is a big deal.  I think it has something to do with being chosen.  It’s also encouraging to know that there’s someone out there that’s going to send letters or small gifts specifically to them.  Every time I’m there I have at least a dozen kids asking me if I’ve found their madrina yet.  I know I’ve mainly been blogging this week to publicize the fundraiser, but if you have any interest in being regularly involved financially and relationtionally then I’ve got about 60 kids you can choose from!

Some madrinas with their … godsons (No idea how to say godson in Spanish)

Paula and Jeffrey

Richar and I =)


Haley and Alberto


Jen and Oscar










 But don’t think that if you sponsor a child you HAVE to go to Honduras.  I mean, I would highly recommend taking a trip.  I’ve found it to be a pretty great experience.  =)  And once you have memories with your child it will make him all the more real to you.  If you want to get involved in Proniño, here are some options:

1.  If you want to sponsor a child contact Laura Long at  You can choose to sponsor a child for $30, $50 or $100 a month.

Laura Long - Sponsorship guru

2.  Or, you can talk to me about sponsorship as well.  I’ll eventually route you to Laura but I’d love to help you choose a child!  =)

3.  Or, if you just want me to get to the point and give you that link to Michael Swartz’s fundraising page so that your donation to Proniño before November 6th (as long as he reaches $5000) can be doubled, then here you go.  That link you’ve been waiting for. 


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  1. Raquel

    ‘godson’ / ‘goddaughter’ is ‘ahijado/-a’. love your blog! besos 🙂

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