Today I wanted to update you on Micol (who I first wrote about here.)  This is such a simple, short story compared to some of the others I could tell about my last trip, but this is probably in my top three discoveries of the trip.  (And after you put so much time in reading about David, I thought you deserved a quick one!)

Gosh I love this little face.

Micol is the adorable boy who I’ve known for a year as he bounced around to different homes and back on the street, which has been his primary home for many years.  He has been in Proniño since July, and other than currently having stitches in his foot, he’s doing well.  (He ran away from the last center after 4 days – so 4 months is impressive!)

One day, Ann and I were coloring with a bunch of the younger kids.  Ann noticed that he was sounding out names and then writing them on his paper.  For most ten year olds, this shouldn’t be all that shocking.  But before Proniño, Micol had never, ever been in school.  I started writing words (pelota, niña, gato) and he read them.  He actually asked me to give him harder ones.  So, I started writing three sentence stories.  No problem.  (Here’s a short video of him reading.  Most of the video is him being embarrassed to read, but you get the point!)  He had to reread the story in order to answer my comprehension questions, but comprehension is a difficult beast that takes a bit to learn anyway.

But what I’m so shocked by is that he has learned this in 4 months.  I’m not a teacher, but I’m pretty sure that this is darn quick.  4

Coloring again my last night. Notice the 'Adios Yeni' on the paper. Writing every chance he gets!

months and he could read anything I threw at him!  And the best part is that he loved it.  We did this for at least 30 minutes and he was so proud of himself.    As he was reading I kept seeing the skinny little boy with his bag of glue that I met on the street a year ago.  His future was so bleak then.  Now he’s in a safe place being equipped with the tools he needs to succeed in life.

There are only 7 days left of Proniño’s fundraising campaign and so far only 25% of the goal has been reached.  So, for the next 7 days I’m going to blog about the kids.  (I usually do 7 blogs in 6 months so this is big!!  I’m actually a little nervous….)  I want you to be able to see what you’re donating towards.  I can’t say this with absolute certainty, but most likely, without Proniño, Micol would still be on the street.  Instead, he’s learning and playing, just like all kids should!  Donations are what makes this place exist.  And remember – all donations are tax-deductible!!    Click on link to donate!


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