A few more featured kids

Thank you so much to everyone who has already sponsored a Proniño kid! In 4 days you’ve sponsored 18 kids. AND I’ve had the chance to talk to a few people that I haven’t talked to in YEARS! So, there’s so much that I love about this. I love helping the boys have a wonderful Christmas. I love getting to talk about them so much. And I love reconnecting. The only thing that hasn’t happened so far is I haven’t had a stranger interested in sponsoring. Any strangers reading this blog right now???

The 2 boys that I featured in the last blog have been sponsored so I thought I’d feature a few more! There are some up and coming superstars in Amor y Paz (Love and Peace).
This is Oscar Giovanni, 14 and Denis Gabriel, 14. These are two very creative kids. They put their heads together and wrote a song, then they had the opportunity to go to a studio in El Progreso and record it. Click here to watch them perform at a local talent show. It’s not the GREATEST video ever, but hey I’m an amateur!
And the kids in Proniño love this song so most of them have it memorized from start to finish. So here you can watch some of the cuties singing it acapela! Some of the kids in this video that haven’t been sponsored yet ….
Porfirio, 13 Lead singer #2 in the video
Porfirio is usually my sidekick. He’s one of the most kindhearted kids in Proniño. He has a few younger sisters that are in another home that he’s able to visit sometimes (one of the awesome things about Proniño – they encourage and facilitate visits with family members) and the love he has for them is so touching. He’s convinced that he’s going to be able to go back to his mom by the time I get back in January. And he wants this so badly that I want it for him too, but man am I going to miss his huge smile and big hugs if he’s not there when I return!
Wilmer, 12 camaflouge pants in the video
There are two Wilmers in Proniño. Kevin, the street outreach worker, is close to the older Wilmer, but this guy is MY Wilmer. When he smiles he gets these wrinkles around his eyes that will just melt your heart. I’m really good at telling the kids no when they ask for things. Can I have a sucker? No. Can you buy me an MP3 player? No. But at least twice I ended up bringing snacks or candy for all the boys because somehow Wilmer got me to agree to bring something for him. But I try hard not to bring gifts for only ONE boy because I don’t want to leave anyone out so I had to bring it for all. Even with Richard – I didn’t bring anything specifically for him until my very last day! But somehow, this one kept charming his way into candy and snacks for himself which meant for the entire center!
Roger, 13 background face maker in the video
This is mi payaso (my clown). I blogged about him a little bit in August. We first met when he was living in Nueva Esperanza. One day in June I noticed that he was missing and they told me he had run away. He was the first kid that I knew of that ran away. And he was the first kid that I worried and worried and worried about. UNTIL I found a picture of him on Proniño’s website along with a story about how he was found! Click here to read that story on Kevin’s blog. If you sponsor him I guarantee I’ll come back with a video for you…
And finally Deybi, 8 made a cameo in the video wrestling with Wilmer
Kind of anti-climactic but I don’t know him very well. But he’s super cute!
So, if you want to bless these kids with an awesome Christmas for only $25 go to http://pronino.org/Christmas2010.aspx and click the donate tab under the photo of the child, or children you want to donate to. Make sure that you specify which child (or children) you want to sponsor! And then let me know who you chose because I’ll bring back photos or videos of your child in January.

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  1. that's awesome Jenny…I love how you are such a huge advocate for these kids and that you are sharing it with all of us. It's inspiring!

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