Happy New Year!

New Year´s resolution number 1 – blog more often and spread the posts out a bit…

Sean and I have just returned to Honduras from a wonderful 3 week Christmas visit in Arizona. (Have you ever noticed just how good the US smells??? Mmm….) We had such a good time at home that we were nervous we´d have a hard time transitioning back to Honduran life. Amazingly enough, as soon as our plane hit the ground we were excited to get back to everything Honduran which was incredibly affirming that we are where we`re supposed to be.

As some of you know, there has been a temporary leadership change on the Honduran side of this ministry. Our Executive Director will be on sabbatical for the next 6 months. Jose Reyes has stepped in as interim Executive Director and Sean and I have immediately taken to his leadership style and are excited with his vision for Heart to Honduras. This vision is true to the original founding vision of the ministry. Jose wants to ensure that we are the absolute best that we can be. One thing he said to me today was “if you can see a way to make it better, good is no longer enough.” He´s the kind of leader that quickly makes you excited about things you haven´t thought much of in the past and inspires you to action. We´re excited to see how he will affect this ministry.

Which leads me to a few prayer requests. There are many dedicated people involved in this ministry, but referring back to what Jose said today – we know that we can be better, so good is no longer an option. And from the few conversations we´ve had with him, we know that Sean and I will be an integral part of his plan to start making continuous improvements. Because he is such a leader, we are excited by this challenge, but it is still a challenge, and that is what we need prayer for. That we will rise up to meet these challenges. That we will consistently give our work everything we have. That we would always remember why we are here and what we are doing. And that we would refuse to settle for anything less than our best and would be constantly working towards what is better. I have wanted this year to be one that I could look back and say “I didn´t do this on my own.” I want this to be the year that we learn we can do so much more when we are relying on Him. And I think we´ve discovered how that is going to happen!

As always thank you all for your ongoing support and love. We wouldn´t be here without you!


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  1. Consider my prayers added!!! (I haven't figured out how to get a profile, that's why I select anonymous) Aunt Leionne

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