Hello after a looooong time

I want to start off with a huge apology. We haven’t been stellar so far at updating our blog. So much has happened since the last time we posted and we have much to tell you! But to avoid making you read one gigantic post in one sitting I’m posting a few ‘days’ of posts all in one day. If you want to only read about what’s been happening this week, just read the next post. If you want to know what’s been happening since the beginning of August, start two post from this one!
Very sad disclaimer: I cannot find out camera cord anywhere so until I find it or we buy a new one, no pictures. =( Happy reading!


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One response to “Hello after a looooong time

  1. Wow you guys what an experience the Lord has brought you to. Thank you for the prayer requests and please keep me posted. I guess I haven't done a great job keeping up cause I don't know how you guys are doing on support? I may be able to help with a little so let me know? Thanks for going there to serve Christ and for giving us a perspective of how most of the world lives. Pray the Lord keeps us humble?

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